Water disinfection


Water disinfection

Chemical free

Remote control & cloud based management platform

N-ECL is a smart electrolysis device for producing free chlorine, using a special reactor, and without any addition of salt (NaCl) for chlorine production.

The N-ECL device is destined for drinking water and industrial application purposes.

E.Elgressy Ltd has invested years of development for designing the N-ECL drinking water chlorination device. N-ECL is the only system of its type in the world that uses environmentally friendly technology without having to add chemicals or salts for chlorinating drinking water to standup to WHO standards.

The N-ECL device produces chlorine by exploiting the chlorides in the water through means of electrolysis. The electrolytic process occurs due to a reactor that is installed in the tank and has special membranes for this specific operation.

The N-ECL device is connected serially to the water supply line. A flow sensor that is installed in the N-ECL system identifies the water consumption and transfers the data to a computer controller that dictates the parameters the reactor needs in order to produce chlorine. This way the controller maintains an average concentration of free chlorine in accordance with the requirements of the World Health Organization, which is 0.1-0.5 mg/l.

The N-ECL device is designed for installation on a 2” pipe for a maximum consumption of 250 L/ m. For water consumption rates in excesses of 250 L / m, additional devices are installed in parallel.

Technical data

  • Power supply: 220V AC (devices running on 110V AC may be ordered)

  • Maximum voltage at reactor outlet: 24V

  • Output of approximately 2W for 1 L /m water consumption rate (depending on electrical conductivity).

  • Output of approximately 500W for 250 L /m water consumption rate (depending on electrical conductivity).

  • Chlorination starts at a water consumption rate of 1L/m.

  • If the water consumption rate is less than 1L/m, the system stops the operation.

Remote control
A GSM communication modem is connected to the N-ECL device, facilitating remote control of the system and changing the free chlorine concentration according to the water consumption online. There is an option for installing a chlorine meter or pH meter.