Cooling water treatment

ZERO chemicals / NO additives / MAX water savings / FULL remote control / Scaling prevention / Corrosion prevention / Disinfection / MIN OPEX & CAPX

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Cooling water treatment presentation

SPR & Chlorin8or®

Cooling water treatment

  • Chemical free

  • Maximizing water savings

  • Scale & Corrosion prevention

  • Remote control & cloud based management platform

Watch how the SPR & Chlorin8or works:

ELGRESSY SPR+Ch automation video - EN


The new generation system delivers an affordable, reliable and safe alternative to chemical usage when dealing with water borne microorganisms and scaling in cooling-water systems.

The new SPR & Chlorin8or® system treats bacterial infection and scaling via an electrolysis process and itconsists of a calcium-removing tank (SPR) for scale prevention, and a chlorination tank (Chlorin8or®) for disinfection of Legionella and other Bacteria.

The advantages of the SPR & Chlorin8or® system are:

• Reduction in water usage by at least 70%

• Elimination of maintenance, storage and discharge of chemicals

• Inhabitation of biological growth

• Maximum results for scale and corrosion-free systems, to a greater extent than any other conventional treatment

• Low operating costs

Easy maintenance, installation and control via RS232 or GSM
Every SPR & Chlorin8or® system is specifically adjusted by
E. ELGRESSY Ltd to the water quality of the area and the size of the construction in order to ensure optimum protection for the site operating conditions. Additionally, the system is fully controlled and monitored via web application.

Calcium-Remover SPR

SPR systems operate according to electrolysis principles.

Electrical current (DC) flows between the Cathode (the reaction tank's wall) and the Anodes that are in the reaction tank, dissociates the salts in the water into ions, so that cations are attracted to the tank's wall while anions are attracted to the anodes.

Calcium, one of the cations, is the scale builder in the water since it binds with carbonates to form a solid precipitate.

Such “controlled scale” is produced at the cathode (the inner wall of the reaction tank) and has qualities that prevent it from firmly adhering to the tank's wall, making it possible to flush it through the drainage valve.

In addition to the controlled scale, high Electricity field (E-F) and Magnetic field (H-F) transforms the crystalline molecular structure of calcium into Aragonite- a mineral that precipitates but loosely binds to the reactor's walls.

The SPR & Chlorin8or® system uses a combination of well-known chemical reactions to treat the water in a cost-effective and environmentally-friendly manner.

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